Health & Wellness Ministry


angelicordersangelsarchangelstobiasarchangelWhat is a Health and Wellness Ministry?

There has been a surge of scientific research on the relationship between religious faith and health. Health care professionals and clergy alike are becoming more aware of the significant role religious faith has on a person's physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

In an effort to address these issues in St. Joseph's Parish, we have developed the Health and Wellness Ministry. Our framework is that of health promotion, disease prevention, and response.

Health Promotion

The Health and Wellness Ministry provides resources, education, and ministry opportunities that focus on promoting health and wellness.

Disease Prevention

The Health and Wellness Ministry provides the parish with education and a variety of activities that focus on preventing disease and empowering individuals to be responsible stewards of their body, mind and spirit.


One of the goals of the health and Wellness Ministry is to serve the faith community by responding to actual problems and/or needs that affect health and healing.

Our Activities

Blood Pressure Screenings, Health talks on nutrition, stress, sun protection, ect.

Interested in joining?

The Health and Wellness Ministry is always happy to have new members and suggestions. You do not have to have a medical background to be a part of this group. Please feel free to join us.

    Anita Sanford, RN                         LaDean Schaneville, RN, CIC

334-285-3701                                 334-365-9454